Use the power of AI to increase your revenue. With Swieq, you have all the features at your fingertips to create a powerful, new generation conversational marketing campaigns

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Why Swieq ?

80% of businesses will have their chatbots by 2020 ! – Business Insider

Grow your business with AI and conversational marketing

Swieq gives you a set of tools to connect with your customers, retarget cart abondoners and recommend them new products based on their behavior

live-chat IM platforms With 85% of open rate, IMs are the new marketing channel for brands
broadcast Broadcast Broadcast your promotional messages to your customers using our powerful message builders
AI-based AI based Swieq includes a recommendation oriented ML algorithms to deliver a customized shopping experience
Intelligent-chatbot Intelligent chatbot Swieq's chatbot is based on NLP services to understand your customers needs

Revenue oriented dashboards

Have a detailed view at your extra revenue. Swieq Tracks also all important metrics about your customers, their satisfaction rate and how many of them you are loosing to understand how to increase your revenue and reduce your abandoned carts

Hey, i would like to recommend you to use a powerful and professional social media

Hey, i would like to recommend you to use a powerful and professional social media


Integration with e-commerce platforms

Swieq is fully compatible with the market leading e-commerce platforms. It uses your data such as product catalog, orders, abondoned carts, and user behaviors combined with recommendation oriented machine learning algorithms to increase your revenue by delivering a customized shopping experience and retargeting cart abondoners

The era of messenger marketing.

With 85% of open rate, messenger is by far the new prefered marketing channel. Start building your campaigns, automated replies and reminders directly to your customers' messenger inbox and watch your revenue increase



A set of powerful tools to build next gen marketing campaigns


Create rich campaigns with pre built messaging components

Real Time Interaction

With automated replies and Live chat, interact in real time with your customers

AI Powered

Use the power of recommendation oriented ML and NLP to deliver customized shopping experience

Analytic Capabilities

See what really matters in your dashboards Revenue, customers satisfactions, and growth

How to build your swieq bot

Sign up for a Swieq account and link your store

The first step is to create your account and import data from your store to be used in recommendations


Link your Facebook page

You will take advantage of all the power of messenger to be closer to your customers andbe in the new era of messaging marketing


Star building your Campaigns

Using Swieq's messages builder, create and schedule your marketing campaigns, retarget your customers and generate extra revenue